In The Beacon  

Stand up!

In today’s world, it may be difficult to stand up for what Jesus stands for. This devotion covers the background leading up to the writing of this popular hymn, and how God’s Word gives us the power and encouragement to stand up for Him when it is difficult to do.  


What a friend…

We normally don’t think of Christ as a personal friend. This devotion shows us how Jesus is the friend who will always be there for us.


Ways to “get” Jesus

  A number of things in life are hard to get. Getting Jesus may be among those. This message will show three ways in which we can “get” Jesus for our lives today. 

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Onward…Christian Soldier!

Some days you may feel like the battles of life are defeating you. This devotion will put into perspective your battles and how things will ultimately turn out.


When faith doesn’t make sense

  Many times our faith in God just doesn’t make sense for our lives, today. This message will show you how you can better trust the Lord to help deal with the challenges of life. When faith doesn’t make sense


Knocking down the “snow bank”

  Eating…drinking… and some regifting …for the CLC “Snow Bank.” Scenes from the February 28 family dinner and regifting auction Breaking news: we’ve had a lot of snow this winter.  You may not have noticed…but it’s been piling up impressively…and it’s made a BIG impression on the annual budget for keeping the church clear and…