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Mindfulness: medicine of the future

“Most doctors have far more training in prescribing drugs and procedures than in teaching health-enhancing skills…but for people who are willing to work on themselves, mindfulness is the medicine of the future”, says Dr. Ronald Siegel, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. What is it? Mindfulness teaches us to observe our thoughts, emotions,…


Keep learning and growing for a stronger, more meaningful community

The older I get, the more I know.  However, the longer I live life, the less I realize how much I do know. The better I understand this, the more I want to keep learning. Please let me explain. Right now, I am involved with about another 10 CLC members in the Thursday night Webinars…


Hello cold and flu season

Yes, it’s cold and flu season! So….what can you do about it? It is not too late to get a flu shot. Granted the flu shot is no guarantee of preventing flu, but it does give you better odds. And if you are older, or younger, or have a chronic illness, the flu shot gives…


Don’t leave Jesus in the crib

Christmas should not be an event we celebrate once a year, then put away the Christmas decorations and the Manger Scene for another year. Christmas is not just a religious tradition but an event that blesses you everyday. Please listen to this message of hope no matter what day it is.


Don’t let your church just “sit there”

Sitting for a long time could shorten the life of our church Recently, many news articles have appear warning people that if you sit for more than three hours at a time you could be shortening your life. What’s wrong with sitting? According to a CBS Money Watch article if you sit for long periods…


Get moving !

I have written few articles for the Beacon that do not mention the role of exercise (moving) in improved health, wellness, and quality of life. It is equally important in the management of Chronic Pain. Chronic Pain has emerged as a significant public health issue; more so than cancer, heart disease or diabetes.  It is…


The purpose of beauty

I saw it.  I know you did too.  In fact, we saw it for most of October! We sat there in church and through the windows behind the altar, we saw the fantastic foliage in reds, yellows and oranges.  We saw it all over New England too. It was beautiful. When you’re talking with atheist…