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Passing on forgiveness

Forgiveness is something we often seek, but find difficult to pass on. This sermon will help you better appreciate the value of the forgiveness from God, and how you can live in true freedom by passing it on to others.  


The usual ups and downs…or is it depression?

It is normal to have ups and downs from time to time. However, if emptiness and despair have hold of you and you find it difficult to function day to day, you may have depression. A significant part of society is experiencing depression so I will explore the faces of it – cause, symptoms, treatment,…


What an offering means

By virtue of being a church usher’s spouse, I was invited to their luncheon last month. Our head usher, Diane Waterfield, did a presentation after the meal pointing out ushers’ responsibilities of welcoming and insuring the comfort and safety of those who worship at Christ Lutheran Church. It was an excellent bit of information. Part…

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First communion…

On Sunday, September 14, the Christ Lutheran congregation celebrated the First Communion of three happy young people. Congratulations and blessings to the new communicants: Owen, Vanessa, and Mia. 


About The Lord’s Supper…

Often times confusion exists over The Lord’s Supper: What is it?  And why do we need it? This sermon prepares the listener to be loved in this Holy Sacrament.       Listen…