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Perhaps you feel like parts of your life are unrepairable. You seek restoration, but you don’t see how your hurts can be healed. Maybe, you are having a faith crisis. This message of reconciliation is for you.  



All of us could use more encouragement in our lives. This special Message focuses on Christ’s encouragement and how that looks differently than the encouragement the world gives.

realworkhard / Pixabay

Take a break

  If you’re in a hurry, this sermon is for you. If you’re worn out, this message is for you. If you’re stressed out, this proclamation is for you. If your schedule is filled to the brim, stop!! Take a refreshing break with this Word of God.


Triune God

Why is it important that we understand the one Lord God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? This proclamation makes the case for a three dimensional God with limitless love. Triune God

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Soldiers of truth and love

  US Armed Forces Soldiers are very special people, protecting our country and the freedoms God has granted us. This sermon looks at a different kind of soldier whom Christ has armed to deliver His truth and love to others. Are you one of those soldiers? Please listen to find out.  

By: Jerry Kirkhart

TICK tock, TICK, tock…

  It is TICK time – between April and September. And after the warmth of a great pile of snow, ticks are expected to be abundant and thirsty for blood! (It was a warm winter for them.) What are they? Where do you find them (or where do they find you)? So what exactly is…