In The Beacon  

The Call

Why you wanted me to stay at CLC Input from members that influenced the Call decision  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding,” Proverbs 3:5 NIV  The decision to stay with the Call at Christ Lutheran was made with a lot of loving encouragement from CLC Members…


Committed to the goal

President Joe Kelly reads a letter from Pastor Dan. (He was out of town). He takes the recent Superbowl victory from the New England Patriots and ties it to being faithfully committed to fruitful love.


Authority that heals

If you are really hurting and desire true healing, this special Message is for you.


Fun and games…with a movie.

Many CLC Members and Friends enjoyed a fantastic Game and Movie night at the Foote home on Saturday January 17. Thanks you to our hosts Eric and Cheryl, and to everyone for a very enjoyable time of great food and fantastic fellowship. Can’t wait for the next one. Fun and games


Doing what YOU don’t want to do…

  Certain tasks seem impossible to do, and they can seem scary, too. This sermon will help encourage you to do what you really don’t want to do, but God desires you to do, and the joy that can come from that.  Doing what YOU don’t want to do

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A new year, new leadership

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Christ Lutheran, As your newly elected President I would first like to recognize Jim Hunt as our former President. Jim did a fantastic job leading us through some challenging times, and I’m sure, some frustrating times. I believe our congregation is stronger in faith and more connected to our one…