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Youth group calendar kudos

Thank you to all who supported our youth activity fund through purchasing a Gods Creation Calendar! We raised over a 100 dollars to help cover the costs of our next youth gathering.  If anyone would like to propose an idea or help organize an upcoming activity, please contact Nancy Zappolo at781-544-3164 or   


Santa’s got a punchlist…

Trustee Report – December 2014 Our Church’s physical plant is in reasonably good shape….but …several items need attention and/or capital funding: Emergency exit door at Fellowship Hall needs replacement ($500) Emergency exit door at Rainbow Rm needs painting (labor only) Heat strips at rear landing and HP restroom need replacement. ($300) Shed needs repair/painting. New…


Scripture, sermon and sacrament

What is the purpose of reading Scripture, listening to Sermons, and partaking in the Sacraments? Am I suppose to feel good after worship? Why do I sometimes feel bad when I worship God? This message from the Word of God will help you better appreciate why we worship God with Scripture, Sermons, and Sacraments.


Rite, rubric and ritual

How can worship be more meaningful for you? This message from the Word of God shows us specifically how the Lord guides our hearts so we can see His blessings for us when we worship Him. .8Rite, rubric and ritual


Praying big, praying smartly…

   Often people think prayer to God is a simple “yes” or ‘no” with many times hearing a “no” from the Lord. This devotion will help you discern more deeply that prayers are not as simple as the letters we used to write to Santa Claus. May Christ strengthen your faith and prayer life through…