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Scituate FACTS. What is it…and what do they do?

Scituate FACTS stands for Scituate Families, Adolescents and Communities Together against Substances. It is an organization started in 2011 in conjunction with Scituate High School, the Scituate Police Department and South Shore Hospital’s Youth Health Connection to develop programs aimed at reducing underage drinking, marijuana, and prescription drug abuse among youth in Scituate. Since then,…


A mighty fortress…

Life can sweep you away with troubles, turmoil, and confusion. What can you do, and where can you turn to find shelter, peace, and encouragement. This devotion will help you with that.


A lesson in change…from Play Doh

One of the toughest things to hear and areas of our lives need to change. Listen to how God and His Word approach this subject with a little help from Play Doh.


Stand up!

In today’s world, it may be difficult to stand up for what Jesus stands for. This devotion covers the background leading up to the writing of this popular hymn, and how God’s Word gives us the power and encouragement to stand up for Him when it is difficult to do.  


What a friend…

We normally don’t think of Christ as a personal friend. This devotion shows us how Jesus is the friend who will always be there for us.


Ways to “get” Jesus

  A number of things in life are hard to get. Getting Jesus may be among those. This message will show three ways in which we can “get” Jesus for our lives today.