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The Lord’s Prayer: an appreciation

The Lord’s Prayer is the most familiar prayer in the world. It is prayed by hundreds of millions each day. But has it become a cliché? Has it lost its meaning? This sermon unpacks this most precious prayer from our Lord to help us better appreciate it, and to engage in a more meaningful prayer life. At…


Staying out of the cultural weeds

Many times our culture is not our ally when it comes to living our faith in Christ. More and more of it runs contrary to God’s Word. This sermon gives guidance on how to live as God’s “flowers” among the “weeds” and not be choked by them. The sermon for July 13, 2014 Listen…


Scenes from a yard sale….

On Saturday June 21, 2014 the scene at Christ Lutheran Church proved an abiding truth about American culture: there’s more to a great yard sale than selling, buying, and fundraising. Of course those things were naturally in the mix…but this year’s event was really about community. The Christian community of our church mixed and mingled with…

Hemerocallis - Day Lily

Hope is healthy

From the Parish Nurse – Mid-Summer  2014 Continuing on with health as more than not being sick – and being dependent on good self-care, I am looking at HOPE. As this is ‘hitting home’ more than some of our other topics, it is harder to discuss for me. But I can see clearly that it is…

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