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Right shepherd, right reasons…

Most everyone wants to be loved, feel secure, and be happy. Who are you following to receive these virtues? Is it working? This special message talks about following the right people for the right reasons. Before that, the children look at why Jesus fed 5000 families with just five loaves and two fish.


The true freedom

What does it mean to be free? You might be surprised how the freedom God gives is different than how our culture defines freedom. May this Message liberate you to see His real freedom.


Tough to trust

Is your faith in Christ being tested? How can you trust the Lord when it’s difficult? This Message will help you better appreciate God’s mercy for you.


Ongoing renewal

Does life have you worn out? Do you feel bogged down, bitter, and buried? Would you like the Lord to renew you? What are the benefits? How can you receive that? Please listen to this message of hope and renewal.  



Perhaps you feel like parts of your life are unrepairable. You seek restoration, but you don’t see how your hurts can be healed. Maybe, you are having a faith crisis. This message of reconciliation is for you.  

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Women of light!

Many people think women in the Bible are regarded as second class citizens. This devotion hopes to dispel that myth. It focuses on the power God gives women to be the Light to others, also known as Women of Wattage.