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In The Beacon 

The upside of being down

Humbled, broken-hearted, and vulnerable are probably adjectives that, to one degree or another, could describe your everyday life.   This sermon will illustrate how Jesus Christ will use these traits to help you battle the challenges in you life. 


A sweet spirit…

Our noses love sweet smells and abhor foul ones. This sermon takes the imagery of smells and ties them to our life, our relationship to the Lord, and to humankind, so we can end up smelling sweet like Jesus. A sweet spirit


You say you want a reformation…well, you know…

A perspective on the Reformation…and the Great Reformer by Fred Zimonja, Christ Lutheran Church Most accounts of the Reformation start with Martin Luther’s 95 Theses nailed to the chapel door of Wittenberg’s castle church. But the hammer that drove those nails was not forged by the Great Reformer but lay ready for his steady hand…


The attitude of the Beatitudes

Do you feel you are surrounded with negativity? Do you feel like you are influenced by bad attitudes? Well this sermon is for you to see the blessings from Jesus even among the pain and struggles of life. Enjoy the Beatitudes from Jesus as “Be Saint Attitudes.” 



How does one get to Heaven? Is it a matter of good works outnumbering bad deeds? Or is something else? Is it something more? This sermon will look at how powerful the righteousness of Christ and His perfection is for your life today, and how you can be an Outlaw for Christ. Podcast…  



Need compassion? If you are hurting or struggling in any way then this sermon is for you. If you have compassion, keep listening. The Lord may have a special purpose for you.