10934074_1019689878047644_2910613045265258291_nFun and games...with a movie.A few shots from Games Night at the Foote home...
In The Beacon  

Looking for the wisdom

Seeking God’s wisdom and discerning God’s will can seem overwhelming. In this special message, Pastor Dan shares how he sought God’s wisdom in discerning His will regarding a Call he received to serve as pastor in another congregation. He then applies that to your life today. May you see the Lord’s wisdom as you listen.


Confo camp considers the Commandments…

A report from Confo Camp with Lutheran Church of the Cross and Christ Lutheran Church, Scituate. Held on at LCC on Saturday, January 10 from 8am to 4pm. Together, we worshipped and prayed to the Lord, studied Scripture, shared meal (thanks Eric for homemade Mac and Cheese), and played great games. We learned more about…


What should we expect from prayer?

 What happens when the Lord does not answer our prayers the way we want them to be answered? Perhaps we have even followed God’s will and still things don’t seem change in our lives. This devotion helps to put our expectations from our prayers into a more godly perspective, so we can better see His…


Focused, uncluttered prayer

Often our prayer lives can get so filled with requests that we wonder if they are really being answered. This devotion refines our understanding of how to make requests of God in prayer, and to do so in a way that de-clutters our prayer life.


Kerrigan’s baptism

On Sunday, December 28 the CLC congregation celebrated the baptism of little Kerrigan Stuhler. It was a family affair, of course: Kerrigan’s mom Whitney, dad Jason, big sister Emerson, and grandparents from both sides of the family were happily watching. Here are some shots from the ceremony.


Yuletide Pageantry!

The December 21 Sunday School Christmas Pageant at Christ Lutheran.  From the lenses of Charlie MacPherson and Steph Slekis.  …And a recording of the event.